Privacy Policy

VC&FS and Financial Services Private Limited (“VC&FS”) is strongly committed to protect the personal and financial information of the customer and endeavors to protect it from unauthorized use.

I. VC&FS or its affiliates/subsidiaries may become privy to personal and confidential information of customers in the course of using this website or filling of any online questionnaires or application forms by them. VC&FS is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of customers and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of customer information through world wide web and it shall not be held liable for disclosure of the confidential information when in accordance with this Privacy Commitment or in terms of any agreement, if any with the customers.

II. In addition, VC&FS might use small bits of data called “cookies” stored on the users’ computers to stimulate a continuous connection. “Cookies” let store information about customers’ preferences and passwords and allow customers to move to different pages of our secure Site without having to re-enter their password information. Any information collected is stored in secure databases treated as confidential information by us. The customers should be careful with usage of the username and password by maintaining confidentiality and ensure that customers do not knowingly or accidentally share, provide and facilitate unauthorized use of it.

III. VC&FS shall protect the customer’s information against unauthorized use, dissemination, or publication in the same manner in which VC&FS would protect its information of like nature. VC&FS however, may use the personal information to improve the visitor experience on the site or make subsequent offers to the visitors of products which be interested to them.

IV. VC&FS may also be required to disclose information about visitor as permitted or required by law.

V. Due to changes in legislation or content on the website, VC&FS may make changes to privacy policy (without being obliged to do so) and would reflect those changes in this privacy policy statement. Hence customers are requested to go through the privacy policy statement on a regular basis.

VI. This policy does not create any contractual or legal rights in or on behalf of any party, nor is it intended to do so.